The main center of Krishna River is Vijayawada where prestigious Krishna Pushkaralu will be held prominently in Andhrapradesh state.

Devotees believe taht it is sacred thing to take dips in the Holy water of the Krishna River, especially at the time of Pushkaralu.
Krishna River is one of the major rivers in the country.

Krishna Pushkaralu 2016 Dates
Krishna pushkaralu will be organized from 12th to 23rd August this year. The major ghats will be rushed with thousands of devotees for all the 12 days.
The banks of Krishna River where Krishna Pushkaralu will be held fall in the districts of Guntur, krishna, Prakasham, Kurnool, Nalgonda, Khammam and Mahboobnagar.

Places and Ghats of Krishna Pushkaralu 2016 in AP and Telangana
Ghat Name Address
Gullalamoda GhatGullalamoda, Etimoga Village, Nagayalanka
T.Konthapalem Village GhatT.Kothapalem Village, Nagayalanka
Sri RamaPada Kshetram GhatNagayalanka
Nagayalanka 7th ward GhatNagayalanka
Brahmananda Puram GhatNagayalanka
Vekanuru-1 GhatVekanuru, Avanigadda
Vekanuru-2 GhatVekanuru, Avanigadda
Edlanka GhatEdlanka, Avanigadda
South Chiruvolu lanka GhatChiruvolu lanka, Avanigadda
Kothapeta GhatKothapeta Village, Avanigadda
Puligadda GhatPuligadda Village, Avanigadda
K.Kothapalem GhatKokkiligadda Kothapalem, Mopidevi
Bobbarlanka GhatBobbarlanka, Mopidevi
Mopidevi Warf GhatMopidevi
Kosuruvaripalem GhatKosuruvaripalem, Mopidevi
Pedakallepalli GhatPedakallepalli, Mopidevi Mandal
Pedakallepalli Ghat-1Pedakallepalli, Mopidevi Mandal
Pedakallepalli Ghat-2Pedakallepalli, Mopidevi Mandal
Hamsaladeevi GhatHamsaladeevi, Koduru Mandal
Ullipalem GhatUllipalem, Koduru Mandal
Salempalem Harijanawada GhatSalempalem, Koduru Mandal
Pittalanka Padavalarevu GhatPittalanka, Koduru Mandal
Kummaripalem GhatKummaripalem, Koduru Mandal
V. Kothapalem GhatV.Kothapalem, Koduru Mandal
Royyuru GhatRoyyuru, Thotlavalluru Mandal
Vllurupalem GhatVallurupalem, Thotlavalluru Mandal
Thotlavalluru GhatThotlavalluru
Chagantipadu GhatChagantipadu, Thotlavalluru Mandal
Devarapalli GhatDevarapalli, Thotlavalluru Mandal
IIIuru-1 GhatIIIuru, Thotlavalluru Mandal
IIIuru-2 GhatIIIuru, Thotlavalluru Mandal
IIIuru-3 GhatIIIuru, Thotlavalluru Mandal
Yanamalakuduru GhatYanamalakuduru, Penamaluru mandal
Pedapulipaka GhatPedapulipaka, Penamaluru mandal
Chodavaram GhatChodavaram, Penamaluru mandal
Kasaranenivaripalem GhatKasaranenivaripalem, Penamaluru mandal
Gani Atkuru Pushkar GhatGani Atkuru, Kanchikacherla Mandal
Chevitikallu Pushkar GhatChevitikalu, Kanchikacherla Mandal
Kunikinapadu Pushkar GhatKunikinapadu, Kanchikacherla Mandal
Punnavalli GhatPunnavalli, Chandarlapadu Mandal
Kasarabada GhatKasarabada, Chandarlapadu Mandal
Ustepalli GhatUstepalli, Chandarlapadu Mandal
Gudimetla GhatGudimetla, Chandarlapadu Mandal
Gudimetla-2 GhatGudimetla, Chandarlapadu Mandal
Popuru GhatPopuru, Chandarlapadu Mandal
Sri Vedadri Village GhatVedadri, Jaggaiahpeta Mandal
Sri Yogananda Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Vari GhatVedadri, Jaggaiahpeta Mandal
Sri Ravirala Village GhatRavirala, Jaggaiahpeta Mandal
Sri Bhavani Muktheswara Swamy Vari GhatMukteswarauram, Jaggaiahpeta Mandal
Uttaravahini GhatMukteswarapuram, Jaggaiahpeta Mandal
Vadapalem GhatVadapalem, Machilipatnam Mandal
China Yadara GhatChina Yadara, Machilipatnam Mandal
Bhogireddy Palle GhatBhogireddy Palle, Machilipatnam Mandal
Papavinasama GhatGhantasala
Srikakulam GhatSrikakulam, Ghantasala Mandal
Ramudupalem GhatRamudpalem, Challapalli Mandal
Inapuru GhatInapuru, Pamidimukkala Mandal
Ferry GhatIbrahimpatnam
Guntupalli GhatGuntupalli, Ibrahimpatnam Mandal
Tummalapalem -1 GhatTummalapalem, Ibrahimpatnam Mandal
Tummalapalem -2 GhatTummalapalem, Ibrahimpatnam Mandal
Sangamam GhatIbrahimpatnam
Damluru Ghats – 1&2Ibrahimpatnam Mandal
Munnaluru Pushkar GhatMunnaluru, Kanchikacherla Mandal
Vijaya Krishna GhatMunnaluru, Kanchikacherla Mandal
Vijaya Krishna GhatKanakadurgamma Varadhi, Vijayawada (Urban)
Padmavathi GhatOpp. PNBS, Krishna Lanka, Vijayawada
Krishnaveni GhatVijayawada
Durga GhatNear Prakasam Barrage, Beside Model Guest House, Vijayawada
Punnami GhatBhavanipuram, Near Punnami Hotel, Vijayawada
Bhavani GhatBhanipuram, Vijayawada
Gollapudi Main GhatGollapudi, Vijayawada
Suryapalem GhatSuryapalem, Gollapudi, Vijayawada

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